Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MAC Quads!

 One of my favorite things about MAC, is that you can actually select your favorite eye shadows and group them into one of this "quads" (They also have the Pro-Palette that holds up to 15 eye shadow pans).
This quads are really confortable, you can carry them around and you can even re-use it! Once you hit the pan you can just buy the individual eye shadow and replace it! So you are not limited to use the same colors! xo

MAC Custom Palette - Quad

I tried to select a variety of colors, but I always end up selecting lots of brown/earthy tones <3

Few Makeup Looks!

I've recently done a few makeup looks for parties and weddings!! Here are some pictures, not the best quality, but I'm getting better in photographing makeup looks!! xo

I have done hair and make up in all of the looks!! Let me know what do you think.
The last one was a bride, she was getting married in the beach so it was a bit difficult because it was incredibly hot, and the makeup looks a little dewy!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

MAC's Paint Pots!

How fabulous is to wear cream shadows? SUPER!!!!

I LOVE the idea of wearing cream eyesahows as a base/primer for your eye make up, making it last ages!
So this Paint Pots by MAC are a great solution for keeping your eye make up in place til you decide to wash it off!

I own these two gorgeous shades:

         PAINTERLY (Creamy Nude Beige)


<3 Vicky

NARS Blushes!

Since I die for MAC I've never bought anything from NARS. BUT after seeing lots and lots of reviews I finally decided to get 2 NARS blushes, "Amour and Deep Throat".
I actually like the weird names that cosmetics have, they are kinda catchy and hardly to forget!



"Deep Throat" is a beautiful baby pink with small glitter in it. On the other hand "Amour" is a truly matte peachy pink shade.
My favorite is "Amour", because it really shows on my cheeks and has a great color pay off! It definetly works better for women with medium to dark skin tones, and "Deep Throat" I would recommend it to women with fair skin tones.

<3 Vicky

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

By bye black pencil....Hello gel eyeliner!!!The other day I tried this super long lasting Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner on a friend while doing her make up! She absolutetly fell IN LOVE with it, and she asked me to write about it, she was so impressed to have been wearing it all day without any creasing! That's why I can now truly recommend it!
Easy to apply with a flat brush, you can even use it in your inner rims without retouching the rest of the day!

The shade that I used is: Black Ink 1.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Make Up Forever HD Primer (Clear)

Among other things that I've bought the last couple of months, is this Make Up Forever HD Primer. To be honest I don't see an incredibly long lasting make up change, or at least this one didn't work as well for me!!! I picked the clear one (they have 6 different types with different purposes). It smells good, and it gaves a soft and silky finish to your skin, but I don't think it has helped me keeping my make up in place for a much longer period!!! Too bad, gotta keep trying!!!

Maybelline Goodies!!! Mascara + Lipmarker!

Within other favorites from this time of the year I'm really liking this new mascara from Maybelline, called Cil à Cil Volum Express! I really recommend not expending lots of money in expensive mascaras, since they are all almost the same! This one is a cheap and great option!!!

Plus I tried this new "Lipmarker" from Maybelline too, called Color Sensational! It's a very different type of lipstick, very dry, same as real marker! The color is really pretty, but super mat! It says it can be used as a moisturizer, but it really doesn't gives a moisturizing feeling. One good thing is that it's super long wearing, I personally would use it to go to the beach, or a long day were you know you are not going to be able to retouch! X

My Currently Favorites Nail Polishes!

Even though today begins SPRING (finally yeiiiii), I'm still loving some autumn and winter shades!

What do you think??? Aren't they gorgeous???

Thursday, January 20, 2011

MAC Creme d'Nude!!

Beautifullllllll lipstick!! I'm really loving MAC CREME D'NUDE! It has a very soft texture and at the same time a gorgeous Nude color!  Can't get over It!!! I'm seriously obsessed with It!!!!! Bisous!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fight dark circles and baggy eyes!!!

Since I've been living in a 4 season country, plus now It's winter, has made me turn so pale and I have noticed that my dark circles are growing darker : ( So I have being trying this BIOTHERM MULTI RECHARGE ANTI-POCHES ET ANTI-CERNES to fight back my dark circles, so far I'm having great results : ) Its made up of Gingseng extract, vitamin E and Plancton Thermal pure extract to wake up your look! xo